Engineering Services

From planning and design to permitting and building, we can help you in one or all stages for a variety of project types

Land Development

Innovative engineering designs and a wealth of knowledge and strengths in the industry make us a leading resource for land development in Montana. We take pride in guiding private, state, and federal clients through the entire development process—from initial concept to completion.

Land Use Planning

Our team leads commercial real estate developers, individual homeowners, and federal projects in the process of land use planning. We assist in subdivision applications, mapping, lot layouts, construction management, water and sewer connections and much more.

Construction Engineering

Let our team of professionals guide you through the construction process by managing the designing, planning, construction, quality control and management of your next commercial or residential project.

DEQ Subdivision Application

Save time and money by completing your DEQ Subdivision Application with our staff of professionals. We present DEQ with a complete application—meaning a quicker review and overall approval timeline.


Our professional services include sewer and wastewater management including multi-user and public wastewater systems, municipal sanitary sewer and water connections and extensions, well design, and more.

Potable Water

Potable water services include individual well supply, public water systems, tanks and reservoirs, preliminary engineering reports, DNRC Water Rights applications, municipal extensions and connections, and more.

Storm Water

Our stormwater services include drainage analysis and design, retention and detention pond design, and road swale and culvert design.


We provide development and Army Corp of Engineering permitting, Conservation District 310 permits, modeling, and erosion control design for floodplain management.